Monday, December 05, 2005

Monsoon: N-E

The second half of the Indian Monsoon stricks the dry arid regions of southern India with its trademark low depressions & furious cyclonic storms all along the Deccan region of Tamil Nadu & coastal Andhra Pradash.In Tamil Nadu the rains usually lashes during the Deepavali festive season, damping both the fire crackers as well as the festive spirit.

This year the Monsoon has been in historic levels with four stints swelling all the rivers, their dams and the reservoirs of this often drought hit state. Leading to unheard levels of rivers flows in rapids & dams overflowing engulfing low lying areas.

The state capital, Chennai wasn't spared either almost all suburbs near water bodies are flooded, including pouche apartment blocks.

The swolling of city's two dirty drainage rivers have let to the fear that they might have the bridges across them. The same is true all over state with highways and often its bridges blown away.

Future isn't bright either, a low depression gathering on bay

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