Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hum Hain Cyclone...

This year's historic southern Monsoon still continues with its latest cyclone, but latest twist is naming these low pressures, aka., American hurricans. Atleast the Americans named the after their long lost sweethearts, Baaz & Fanoos what do they mean?

Sounds more like Mukesh Bhatt movies, that you dont want someone inviting you for a Bollywood cum date.

Can’t they respect the region of impact and name them with some relation to the region affected.

Monsoon has even kept Kollywood, the southern cousin of Bollywood, at bay. With even big hero movies struggling to it make even. The movie 'Malai' might have been a flop, but this year Monsoon is a Super Duper Hit. Washing-out the almost the entire international cricket fixtures in the region, except the last one and half days on the Monsoon beaten pitch which hardly bounced.

Lets forget the misery caused but the heavy downpours & the heavy flooding, lets celebrate the greatness of Monsoon, the rain.

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