Sunday, December 04, 2005


How about a fresh shave in the neighbourhood saloon, filled with large flat mirrors and movie newspaper posters. After a good two inches of foam on the face like Santa, its time for a fresh shave, or is it not.

For a fresh shave, the bare essentials are the foam, a towel, some clean water and a fresh piece of BLADE. Then to the utter selfbelief, the barber reaches near with the razor that he had just used on the previous customer. The wet blade still in the old razor on his hand.

When questioned the barber's silly reply was that he has cleaned the blade with water & it was safe! Pucka!

After a decade into this not soo silent epidemic, which has raced India's profile as the second most prevalent country in the world & our own state of Tamil Nadu accounting for more the half the infected cases, its a painful aweful condition we are at present.

HIV-AIDS is an epidemic that needs to be won.

Joke #1:
If one uses a computer infected with virus, can he\she get the deadly disease AIDS?

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