Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Great Wall of India

The Wall that has always been on the shadow of his teammates, but this is the wall that has always protected the most feared batting lineup on either limited overs or test matches, Captain Rahul Dravid, plays his 100 test match his week.

In a age, where most present day cricket legends are cross 130 tests, a hundredth test match might seam diluted, but as in cricket a century is a century as a century any way its counted. Technically sound, opponent captain needs only to place a cover at a perfect forty-five degree angel to cover the whole of off-side for even a regular Lords member to spill coffee on his Times. With his long inning on all batman ratings, he is now concerned by present upcoming batmen as a model to follow, on international cricket. As Kevin Peterson up it, when ever Rahul goes to bat he books his bed & breakfast.

The quite un-jammin' Jammy of Indian cricket is quite certainly the The Great of India. Along with captaincy can well shape on to a Giant Fort for India.

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