Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Epic Oscars

Forget about the chances of bollywood or non-bollywood indian movies makeing to the nomination of the Academy Awards or more filmy the OSCARS, the battle among the english movies are furious with less and less grand period epics make to the Oscars. Where are the Alexanders?

With no epics in site the battle is on among the dramas, especially the character based periods. No wonder who gonna who the main Oscars, I do miss the epics battle it out at the Academy.

This year might well be a spilt no the best film/best director awards as the resent years have shone. Brokeback Mt. well said to be the main winner no the ceremony with so many publicly gay artists in the industry. Personally not my choice for the grand statue. My choice like most would well be for the very 21st century racism ensemble drama CRASH.

Unlike past couple of years, this year I had seen more than a couple of the nominated movies, but has the Oscars has lost its shine to the Cannes & other festivals?

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