Saturday, November 15, 2008

Most Awesome Moments in Entertainment

1. The Beatles arrive in the U.S
2. Darth Vader reveals he's Luke Skywalker's father in "The Empire Strikes Back"
3. Marlon Brando says, "Make him an offer he can't refuse" in "The Godfather"
4. "Titanic" the movie
5. Julia Roberts gets revenge on sales clerks in "Pretty Woman"
6. Elliott and E.T. fly in "E.T."
7. Lucy at candy factory on I Love Lucy
8. "The Contest" on Seinfeld
9. Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding
10. Tom Cruise dances in underwear in "Risky Business"
11. Michael Jackson moonwalks on "Motown 25"
12. "Who Shot J.R.?" cliffhanger on Dallas
13. Rocky Balboa runs the steps in "Rocky"
14. Dorothy says, "There's no place like home" in "The Wizard of Oz"
15. Muhammad Ali carries torch at 1996 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies
16. Bette Midler serenades Johnny Carson as he leaves The Tonight Show
17. Saturday Night Live debuts
18. Beyoncé and Prince duet at 2004 Grammys
19. First season of Survivor
20. Halle Berry and Denzel Washington win Oscars

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