Thursday, August 02, 2007


Be it a multiplex english version or a single screen theater playing a tamil dubbed version the Hollywood blockbuster movies are missing some of their own masala on screen. This aint a directors cut nor a the screens original cut as the Hollywood corporate pronounce, its the distributors cut. Since, the last part of The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King infamous 20-minutes climax chopping most, english films screen time are shortened by chopping of slow melodramatic to make more time for mass Bollywood movies 3-hr junks.

Not long ago to reduce the expense of three VCD's for a hindi/tamil the movies are shortened to a two disc non-dramatic which carry very less chemistry to viewer.

One can see these things happening since good old days. But now with multiplex system its getting worst with high priced tickets and screen time to fill-up time required for other shows.

Spider-man 3 had its romantic & musical scenes missing. Harry Potter 5! Sorry still cant figure out what it missed.

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