Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Taj Mahal

Presidential election narrows down in prime-time news shows, suddenly the biggest monument of India is the fray. What, this isn't the presidential race. Ho, this is the race for the New7Wonders, the race for which the majestic temple complex Meentashiamman temple, Madurai din't make to the semi-final of 21 finalist. But does the Taj Mahal, an original seven wonders of the modern world, need to contest for the new seven wonders.

As often the news channels and sms services are making it sound more like a prestige of India is at stake. Not really, according to online Wikipedia before this seven wonders their was three more sets of seven wonders. The wonders of historic world, ancient world & modern world.

Only in the last set does the Taj figure. The Egypt Pyramids are the only wonders to figure in all the different sets of the seven wonders. Perhaps it time for the newer and wonders of the unknown world for its time of fame. At the final 21 list sparks the wonders from muslim and latin world which deserve recognisation and a world pride.

But I did sms my taj message as a vote for Taj Mahal. Please don't forget to vote for the Taj, but what happen to the corridor?

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