Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Medical Blog

One branch of profession that use to have nothing important other than in encyclopedea's online is the medical profession. Things have changed, but not in leaps, as compared to other professions in the post decade or so. My search for a Medical blog hasn't lead me perhaps there wasn't a log. Even the CNN Health said the top headlines remains unchanged, except for the strange AIDS promises or hike on drugs prizes from multinational companies.

But its my mother-land India with highly qualified doctors and a billion strong population promised a good health care. Political promises and high infective tropical climate adds to the bargain.

My effort for a moderate weblog on the medical stories, basically, came to a hault after only few entries. Chi and dengue fever, in the south and north have told me the need for a blog or a feature with regular inputs in a blog.

Along with a medical blog, a multimedia friendly blog site and a current affair blog. Blog with my collection of photos and videos on a blog and also a moblog on film and its posters or adv. have been spilling in my mind for some time. Lets see how forth.

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