Saturday, April 15, 2006

Our Tamil

In the heat of the anti Kushboo agitation by the fundamentalist last year, I found a very interesting topic on the internet. The article had a very interesting take on this prevailing subject from the ancient tamil literature with its verse to proof.

The matter was that the verse had explained that, 'Unthai' or the human umbilicus is where the life starts. Hence, according to tamil tradition of couture, or dressing, the umbilicus must not be covered with dressing.

This might sound strange but according out tamil attire, both male wear a dothi and female wear a saree can only be properly worn under the belly, thus the umbilicus thy not cover by any dress.

I love to add the verses that support this strange proof that only cinema actress and pot belly goundas as the only tamil people who still follow the value of tamil attire. But, this article in the waste ocean of web, I cannot figure out where I read them, and started searching for the perfect tamil girl.

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