Friday, January 06, 2006

Kerry Packer Cricket

The Aussie behind the revolution of day-night cricket matches in Australia, Kerry Packer, passed away on this Boxer Day. His revolution on cricket, Packer Revolution, has always sounded music to all religious cricket fans in India. But can someone repeat it in this Crickets' own country.

Domestic levels are in a painful misery with near zero audience and pitches worst than Sourav on a bad neck day. This reminds me of Sourav's greatest companion, not that actress, Bengal's own Dalmiya.

Dalmiya for the matter just lost the battle for the Board's Presidency to the Indian Politician in a bitterly contested very politicial vote.

Could Dalmiya & Sourav join hands again for a revolution. Dalmiya has did this before with his marketing skills and showed the whole non-cricketing world the cricket is an International game.

Now is time ripe for a revolution to turn the head of cricket played in this country, where every year a population equal to the Australian population is add with ease.

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