Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Peters' are back

I'm back, would you believe it thy Peters' are back. But back from where? I believe its was Hibernation, or was it not . And I'm back to square one, great.

Yes, the Blog is still online and the Peters' is still brutal and smashing. MMS are back to thy N6610, its more handy & the birthday alarm is cute and dame its useful. 'Birthday Alerts' dude, it just alert in advance. How come I dont see them in the upper crust Nokias.

So as the say goes, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back for good, and I better try to keep it on blogging.
With more upgrades on the blog spreadsheets since we last meet, the delay has redefined the Peters' altogether.

This aint a sequel, its perhaps a new chapter, a new begining with no end in the near horizon. Hence the "Peters' of India" are back in action and kicking.

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