Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Crab Theory

A basket full of live crabs even when left open not even one crab would escape. Coz, when one crab trys to climb the other one pulls it back.

This common fish market struggle between live crabs kept for sales along with other fresh catches is very popular metaphor among Tamil people. Our peoples struggle to live in nowadays competitive world & his advisory’s claws to pull him back into the basket.

Generations of Tamil people take this sarcastic joke as a plight they all have to endure in business as well as in life. This theory often reminds me bout the constant differentiation they see while they praise great are Tamil people are & where and their proud Tamil language.

Now I find on the web that among the evolution theories a theory called Crab Theory. As a proud Tamilian I wish to tell you all this basket of live crabs belongs to us.

Crabs are also a vital part of the spicy south Indian curry. Let’s crab the crab.

Hope all you people heard my Peters' for the Crab.

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